About Andrea

I love stories of ghosts, witches, voodoo, vampires, and monsters, anything supernatural and wildly imaginative.

So much so, that I have a degree in Gothic literature and recently braved several weeks with howling wolves in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania tracing the footsteps of Dracula and Vlad the Impaler.

(Unfortunately, my husband wouldn’t let me sleep with the window open.)

But it got me thinking. Charleston’s ghosts have their stories told nightly. What of all the other grotesque legends? The ones of bizarre creatures and strange humans who’ve also haunted our streets?

To give them voice, I became a tour guide, licensed through the City of Charleston, and wrote the Charleston Haints and Hoodoo Tour. Come walk with me through a Charleston Wonderland.

I also have a life-long history of people and animals dropping in to visit right after they pass on. Some I knew in life, some are strangers. Some hang around a few hours or a few days, some pass through quickly.

This is not something I admitted out loud, particularly as I made my way up the ranks of a law firm as a defense lawyer. Along the way, I ignored my uninvited guests and hoped they’d go away.

They didn’t.

I started telling people on my tours that I come from a family of mediums (that’s another story) and eventually confessed that spirits communicated with me.

The floodgates opened. Not only did more spirits begin yammering and visiting, but more humans wanted to talk too. Nearly every person on my tour, at some point during the 90-minute walk, wanted to talk about their own paranormal experiences, ask questions, and not be told they were making things up, or laughed at.

I realized I was conducting ghost therapy.

I found teachers and mentors and took classes. I discovered the technique that works best for me for translating messages from, spirits and our own higher selves into practical English. And I learned that sharing this skill with others can bring great guidance and comfort to both the living and our discarnate loved ones.