Tour FAQ

What’s a haint?

A southernism for lost souls. This is not a traditional ghost tour, but we cover other baddie haints that skulk around town.

What’s hoodoo?

Book a tour to find out!

Why can’t we book a night tour?

The City of Charleston regulates where guides may lead tours. After 6 PM, we cannot lead tours into residential areas – where all the cool stuff is. Besides, there’s a ton to do in Charleston at night, like the traditional ghost tours or eating and drinking yourself into sheer bliss. No worries, I can good and thoroughly creep you out in broad daylight.

Can we book a private tour? For a time your calendar has reserved for public tours?

Absolutely! Contact me for details.

Suitable for children?

This is a family-friendly event, though not appropriate for young children because the tour requires attention and a good deal of walking. Children 9 and older, and adults of all ages, will enjoy this tour. Depending on your child, seven or eight years old may be appropriate. Use your judgment!

Is there a bathroom close by?

Public facilities are located at the tour starting point, then about an hour into the tour.

Does the tour end where we started?

Yes. I will not leave you stranded in a dark alley, alone with a haint and your imagination on fire.

Will I see a ghost?

I doubt it. Most people don’t see ghosts at any point in their lives. It’s more common to feel them, hear them, smell them. More about that on the tour.

I don’t believe in ghosts or witches or vampires. Can I just come have fun?

Heck, yeah! You’ll walk away with a solid sense of Charleston’s culture, its fears, and its humanity from the 1700s to today. That said, the most frequent comment from my guests is, Thanks for the nightmares.